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Love every minute of you

Though the more human elements of me would have far preferred to remain fast asleep I’m happy the more inter-dimensional aspects won the contest that resulted in me being deprived of most of a night’s sleep Wednesday after a properly exacting day of intense concentration, hence quite shattered and in need of a full night’s deep slumber here on the hill overlooking Lake Zurich, where I’m helping some people in the international dialogue game, serving on behalf of someone who needs their chi for other things, and being when required a mouthpiece and mediator, which mostly requires hours of concentrated listening, with a near endless procession of people flying in and out for meetings from all corners of the globe.

One hour in to a much deserved blackout, however, I was suddenly wide awake and feeling strangely restless as if someone was trying to catch my attention.

I got up, drank some coffee and did a bit of work on some tunes using two laptops in tandem, did a bit of writing and when I couldn’t see straight, lay down and fell asleep. One hour after that I’m wide awake again, still with that persistent sense of someone trying to get me to take notice.

Suddenly I knew all at once what it was. The sky above the lake which had been overcast during the day was now perfectly clear, with a fat half moon hanging over the hills, and there above in the East were the Pleiades and if you can see the seven sisters in that spot it means Sirius is about to rise for the first time in the annual cycle – we travel round the other side of the sun through the spring and summer so can’t see it during that time. So though my human self really wanted to cut out and sleep, I waited and within moments up popped a star over the hill to the East and I knew it was the upper right hand corner star of the rectangle surrounding Orion’s Belt. Knowing how long it takes for the rest of the configuration to emerge in view I lay down and slept another 40 minutes, then woke up, or was woken up to see through the large plate glass doors the whole of Orion’s Belt. Slept another 30 minutes, was awoken again, and there it was, Sirius, twinkling away like only Sirius can – for the first time this year.

I only looked at it for a moment, because what else are you going to do – I could have made a whole thing of it but just seeing it gave me the lift only seeing that star can give me. So I tried another sleep go-round but it didn’t take and I could still feel the star calling me – went outside as the first traces of sunlight were showing behind the hill, and realized I could see Sirius B, the dark star clearer than I ever have. This time I did my training routine like a good Taoist funnelling the blue light in all the while, and though the messages weren’t in conventional language patterns – why would they be – they were coming through powerfully all the while.

I feel a need to point out I haven’t lost my marbles or let myself get carried away on romantic notions about Sirius – this is a dynamic I’ve been aware of since I felt the first nudge from whoever it is on whichever invisible planet it is orbiting Sirius A or B, or both back when I was living with the Taos Indians in 1979 – way before I knew it formed part of the bedrock of Taoist cosmology – because when I can see it, or even during the summer when I can’t, I reference to it like anyone else might reference to wherever it is they live on this planet, with the sense that’s home – not that I’m in any rush to get back there so much am I enjoying being in this revolving loony bin we call Earth but it still feels like home – somehow – and I do get and have regularly experienced contact from someone or something there.

Incidentally every ancient tribe on this planet has a similar story to tell.

And did you know ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’, the music for which was written by none other than Mozart, was referring to Sirius?

And all that’s exciting, though not sure it’s interesting to you, and perhaps I could have dispensed with the whole preamble and simply started the piece here but I wanted to share it with you, dear reader– you never know, you may find it inspiring.

But the point of it all is as follows.

What you tend to think of as your mind, or at least the important part of your mind is the aspect you’re aware of – the conscious mind, a relatively recently evolved function probably only dating back 70,000 years or so to the point us Homo Sapiens arrived on the scene and wiped out the Neanderthals, Homo Erectus, and all the other styles of humans around at the time. The reason they/we were able to do so in our uniquely deadly way, let alone also wipe out vast numbers of species of other animals (even back then), was because we had/have the capacity for fictive thinking – we were and are able to create myths, and it’s solely through this function we were able to form complex societies of more than 150 or so people to the point we now have societies of tens or hundreds of millions on every available bit of land. Without a common story to believe in this would be impossible – nations, money, and all the rest of it, are merely stories as you know, and have no ultimate reality underpinning them. The other species didn’t evolve this ability and remained like the chimps we all evolved from – hence got wiped out in the competitive grab for land and resources.

And the area of the brain this process occurs and whence arises all fictive thinking is the front part.

And that’s fine if living in a fiction is enough for you, but if your soul requires proper existential underpinning you’ll be naturally drawn to develop the subconscious, that which sits beneath the conscious awareness and which informs it – not with stories, but with actual gnosis.

Your subconscious, which is actually the most important part as opposed to the conscious, is mostly readily accessed in the back-brain behind the ear-line and is the omniscient aspect of you, whence derives all the so-called superhuman powers associated with great martial arts masters, avatars like Jesus, and so on.

Developing it represents the next stage of human evolution – it’s obvious we can’t stay stuck in the fictive realm for much longer as we are because it’s plainly leading swiftly to our extinction, so it’s imperative we do actually now develop the back-brain skills the Taoist sages passed down to us – hence the work I do.

Your subconscious is even now calculating and evaluating absolutely everything that’s happening and even what isn’t (in the realm of dark energy) throughout the whole universe and beyond if there is a beyond to the universe – the only reason you’re aren’t aware of it is because your fictive mind is too clever at distracting you.

But once you enter a meditative state as this Taoist system teaches you to do, or rather its humble servant your writer teaches, and then command your subconscious to reveal whatever it is you need to know next it will.

Calling it psychic power is and thinking of it as extraordinary is actually lazy – it’s merely the omniscience that occurs when the back-brain is activated properly.

Hence what woke me up was my subconscious, which had calculated the precise moment Sirius would rise over Lake Zurich for the first time this year.

But it wasn’t only that, because everything is conscious too (ask any quantum physicist if you don’t believe me), hence whether a being on a planet orbiting Sirius was talking to me, or the star itself – there was something talking to me – so there’s a dynamic. The whole thing is Tao so how can it not be so.

Where it gets useful however aside from getting yourself to lose a night’s sleep to gaze at a twinkling star if that’s your predilection, is that you can command your subconscious to heal you, your body, your mind, your dynamics with others, your purse, in fact everything about you, and it will oblige. Furthermore if you draw down the blue light of Sirius as explained in SUPERHEALING, it augments the effect exponentially.

Try it yourself dear reader– whatever issues you have going on right now, whether physical, psycho-emotional, financial, interpersonal, professional, social or whatever else, ask your subconscious to reveal what you next need to know and then command it to heal whatever needs healing.

That’s that sleep-deprived but jaunty ramble done and I hope you loved every minute of it. At least I hope you love every minute of you, particularly today, why not.

With love, Barefoot of the stars

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