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Loving Feeling Spreading All About

When the solar plexus is tense, the whole thoracic cavity tightens up, constricting the flow of blood, energy and love. Start by grabbing the lowermost ribs, one side in each hand and gently yet firmly prizing them apart to afford yourself maximum lateral expansion – hold for a few seconds, continuing to breathe freely all the while and release.

Tightening of the thorax causes the pectoral muscles to contract. Press with thumbs on the fleshiest part of the upper chest muscles directly in line with the bottom of your earlobes (when facing straight ahead) – use approximately 4 ounces (110 grams) and hold for a few seconds, breathing freely and allowing your ribcage to drop.

A tight thorax causes contraction in the small muscles all around the breastbone.

Use fists to play a gentle (4 ounces of pressure) Tarzan/Jane style drum roll on the lower part of the breastbone for a few seconds.

Chest tension causes the breastbone to cave in, in turn dampening the spirits.

Keep your neck and ribcage still and relaxed, drop your shoulders and raise your breastbone towards your chin and remain like that as you continue about your business.

You’ll notice, if you followed those steps carefully, an increase of circulation and relaxation or vice versa, throughout the chest and warm, loving feeling spreading all about.

Allow this feeling to radiate around your person as you work, rest and play – let it touch (bless) anyone you encounter or even think about – and you’ll enjoy an entirely different and much expanded reality today and tonight, which is precisely what I wish you, dear reader: a day and night of such expanded reality, you realise everything in the universe is yours to enjoy, without exception.

Love, Barefoot

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