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Magic for making a beautiful Buddha of yourself today

Seriously had you been of a fortune-telling or predictive bent even 30 years ago, could you have possibly foreseen the hue, shape and tone of humanity’ s story at this time?

Could you have foreseen the almost unimaginably bizarre amounts of time and focus spent in the public conversation being mean and nasty about people or to people? Might you not have reasonably expected humanity by now to have grown up past the churlish teenager riddled with chips and complexes stage?

Could you have foretold the reversal and regression that began around the millennium and has gathered momentum – fundamentalists thrown into the mix on one side eliciting a fundamentalist reaction on the other, aided and abetted by an upsurge of people who’ve never even heard of the concept of taking responsibility for your own life, let alone have been putting into practice, all further aggravated by opportunists masked as politicians spotting an easy ride by stirring hatred and fear, compounded by the exponential growth of surveillance, exacerbated by the increasing voraciousness of the media, all so dreadfully noisy and abrasive, it’s all but drowned out the prophetic reassuring guiding voices of prophets, whether they be musicians or philosophers, and replaced it with data delivered via smartphone, data suggesting how to live, what to love, who to be, what to get and what to lose, all delivered with a palliative, numbing effect?

Could you have imagined world leaders with absurd hair sculptures and illiterate narratives causing a stir by tapping their thick thumbs on a small screen and spouting a few words of nonsense?

Needless to say I could go on all day and the above is by no means meant as exhaustive, merely by way of a small snapshot of the absurd story humanity is presently negotiating.

What interests me more than the plaintive, is the optimistic, the sense of making the most of whatever’s happening, and the optimum way/s of doing so, for maximum transformative effect with minimum effort.

To wit, here is a method for triggering a shift in the other direction, based on kindness, in the literal sense of honoring all humanity as members of the global family, seeing each as kin (hence kindness). And that by performing acts of kindness you get rewarded by life, by the Tao, and that this reward is you manifesting everything you need to succeed in sharing the unique gift that’s the beauty of your soul, and the reason you’re here.

Well I felt it only mete to suggest to you a way to engender the requisite state, psycho-energetically speaking, in order to maintain an open heart through which your kindness can flow, while at the same time, maintaining proper practical boundary control so the less scrupulous members of the family don’t take advantage of you, while simultaneously increasing the sure awareness that the font of absolutely everything you require to make this ride the best possible ride it can be, all the resources and wherewithal, comes from the source of everything, the Tao, and not originally from other people. Because with this awareness you stop needing to manipulate, coerce, persuade, cajole, or contrive to make others give you what you need. You merely tell the Tao you need it, and it sends it to you via other people.

This means living in a state of acquiescence, grace and receptivity, rather than one of aggression, dominance and grasping for things.

And all that’s needed to activated the inbound bounty-flow is for you to pay attention to being kind to people, to do good turns, to pay sincere compliments, to acknowledge people’s virtues, to make people feel seen, cared for, honored, to lend a hand, to stand together with, and so on.

You don’t have to go out and fight or be hard, ruthless, inhuman and uncaring to get what you need.

You have to be kind. It always wins out in the end.

But because we’re all riddled with ambivalence and contradictions it also helps enormously to set up the optimal energetic state to facilitate such a Buddha-line state and attitude.

Because as you may know from the various trainings, human qualities, moods, attributes, atmospheres, and mind-states are predicated entirely on the energy flow through the vital organs. Change the velocity and quality of the energy running through any or all of the five vital organs and you change the state altogether.

Kindness is naturally a property of the heart.

Tolerance is a property of the liver, as the urge to go and out and get things, make things happen and so on.

Receptivity is a property of the spleen energy.

Having a sense of a direct line to the ear of the Tao is a property of the lung energy.

Acquiescence, the capacity to flow with events, is a property of the kidneys.

Adjust the energy in these organs and your demeanor and attitude change.

And you don’t even need to do anything physical to make it happen, merely think energy into the organs and something happens.

Naturally if you do the healing sounds (if not get the training), it helps, likewise the Superhealing, but for our purposes here, just do this (the order you do it in doesn’t matter, and the one I’ve chosen is arbitrary, incidentally).

Breathe as if breathing directly in and out through an (imaginary) opening between the vertebrae at waist height. As you do, fancy you can feel the breath activate a warming sensation in the two kidneys either side (or in the one if you only have one), which is inducing them/it to relax and let go of all residue of existential dread (the toxic energy that accrues in the kidneys).

Remember you mustn’t try believing this or looking for instantaneous results, just do it.

When you’ve done breathing through that opening, shift your focus to another imaginary opening at the side of the ribs on the right that leads directly into the liver, and breathe as if in and out through that. Fancy you can feel it making the ‘realm’ inside the liver, like a bluebell forest in the clarity of an early pristine sunlit morning with all the freshness you can imagine, pervading the liver and making it relax so profoundly it stops impelling to grasp at life and merely soften and allow it to come to you instead.

When you’ve done with the liver – and you’ll feel it when it’s time to move on – shift focus to your heart, and fancy you’re breathing in and out through yet another imaginary opening located in the dead center of the breastbone. After a few breaths be sensitive to the sensation of warming and softening in the heart muscle, causing your whole chest to open and feel expansive.

When you’ve done with the heart, shift focus to the spleen and pancreas on the left under the ribs and picture an imaginary opening on the side of the ribs on the left. Imagine you’re breathing in and out directly through the opening and as the breath moves in and out of the spleen feel it stimulate the spleen and activate its strength.

Finally shift focus to the lungs and imagining an opening between the vertebrae between T12 and C7 (roughly in line with the tops of the shoulder blades). Feel yourself breathing directly through it, and as the breath comes and goes, feel it stimulate the lungs like a fine healing mist, cleansing the lungs of all the dust and toxin of the world.

The effect of this at the subtle level on the kidneys is to instigate more capacity to acquiesce and flow, on the liver to induce more tolerance, on the heart to activate loving-kindness, on the spleen to increase receptivity, and on the lungs to amplify the sound of the conversation you’re having with the Tao.

And if you do all this while sitting more in your back than your front, with your mind more at the back of the brain than the front, you’ll notice a sense growing of being connected via the invisible Tao to all sentient beings, let alone just humanity, and though not without its painful aspects, this connection is feeding you and you innate trust in life’s providence.

And may this instigate an exciting new trajectory for your will and your life-force dear reader, and the result of that be a notable acceleration of the throughput of blessings into your life.

With love, Barefoot

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