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Magic for making things work out

There’s a tendency to assume life won’t work out, that hassles will dominate and mess will ensue. However, according to the Taoist view, when you assume instead life will work out, that all hassles are mere chimeras that will vanish on impact and that things will unfold via a series of miracles, and then let go of caring about whether it will or won’t, simply because you’re happy enough just cherishing the miracle of being alive in the first place, all the rest representing mere bonus, then that’s how the Tao will perform for you.

If you assume the former, it will perform like that instead.

The Tao is like a mirror – whatever you project onto it is what you’ll get.

So start manifesting a different way at once by assuming everything will work out smoothly and swimmingly in all your affairs today and great progress will be made easily and effortlessly , then relax, breathe, let go of caring because you’re happy enough enjoying the simple yet unfathomable miracle of being alive in the first place, all the rest being mere bonus, and watch the magic unfold.

Magic unfolding with unutterable elegance today is my wish for you.

Love, D

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