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Joy-stimulation points

By pressing the points I’m about to describe to you, using intelligent pressure levels, i.e. being sensitive and listening through your thumb-tips rather than using brute force, you will elicit greater levels of innate joy simply for being alive within no more than ten to twelve minutes.

Gaze momentarily at the soft side of your right forearm.

Spot the two adjacent tendons running up the midline into your wrist.

Spot the wrist bracelet (line separating the palm from the arm).

Measure approximately one plum’s distance along the line formed between the two adjacent tendons when you bend you hand back and press in. If you’ve hit the right spot your hand will involuntarily close up.

Press for about 20 seconds on each wrist while repeating under your breath with internal melody and meter, ‘I am imbued with infinite joyfulness, with infinite joyfulness I am imbued.

I wish you sublime joy all day and night long.

Love, B

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