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Magic Spell for a magnificent Monday... which you accomplish an incredible amount by relaxing into the flow rather than hyping yourself up

This spell consists of the following mouthful, repeated often enough to learn it by heart, by which time it will have penetrated all the way to the depths of the subconscious mind, where occur all the actual choices that determine the results of the interplay between you and the world of the ten thousand things, will cause an actual transformation of reality by which you’ll be able to get everything done today as if by sheer magic:

'I achieve an incredible amount today easily, effortlessly, excellently, economically, enjoyably, smoothly, swiftly, successfully, marvellously and miraculously.'

It never fails to work, especially when faced with a monster workload.

Try it now if only as an experiment and watch what happens.

My bet is you’ll be utterly amazed and delighted.

My wish for you is exactly that: you’re amazed and delighted at what happens next.

Love, B

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