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Magicking up your reality

Circles are a shape we tend to take for granted, as in so what, they’re only circles. But without circles, we’d have no wheels, planes wouldn’t be able to take off, trucks and cars unable to roll along, washing machines be unable to spin your sheets and clothes, planets unable to spin or orbit their star, and yin and yang unable to alternate.

Circles are one of the fundamental essential substrates of existence.

Without circles there’d be no existence. And there’s be no zeros, which would make calculations difficult to make, not that this would be relevant as no one would be here to make them.

And it’s with that in mind I address you as an esteemed reader.

I’m rarely if ever one to use words gratuitously.

But what I want to discuss with you today, so to speak, is the significance of affirmations, and the astonishing way using them changes your reality even if you don’t believe the affirmations you’re repeating.

How can this be?

Firstly, belief used in the sense of believing in anything specific is merely inviting the yin-yang opposite, disbelief to be lurking in the dark underbelly of the belief, hence instigates or perpetuates inner conflict instead of settling the mind, and quest to settle the mind is why people jump to conclusions by believing things they don’t actually know are true.

Belief is essential but only retains its power when left undirected – you could go as far as saying, ‘I believe in myself, I believe in my existence, and I believe in the existence of those and that around me’, but beyond that you’re simply inviting too much unnecessary yin-yang for psycho-emotional comfort.

So whether you believe a notion or not is irrelevant when it comes to using affirmations to transform conditions.

The subconscious whence arises the power to alter the dynamics of reality, responds to repeated signals being transmitted unconsciously, and acts, or rather changes programs or patterns accordingly, no matter whether these are useful or a hindrance to your progress in life.

Hence you might as well take command of the process, make it conscious, be cognitive of it, and issue signals that generate helpful programs and patterns.

Hence, if you feel weak, for example, and as an experiment repeat a minimum of 6 times, three times daily for three days, “Strong or weak are merely opinions – I’m now constantly accessing an unprecedented level of inner strength which is powering me through my activities like nothing I’ve ever experienced before”, and do so without investing any emotional energy, or any belief, merely repeating the words and feeling the sensations within doing so gives rise to, you’ll find you’ll then most likely forget you’ve done it, but roughly three to seven days later, you’ll almost by the by notice you’ve suddenly grown notably stronger in both thought and action and your conditions will change accordingly.

Obviously use the same technique for any quality you wish to elicit, and use it to summon up various resources or logistical changes you require.

For instance, with the theme of instigating the inbound flow of more money, “Rich or poor are merely opinions – I’m now constantly accessing an unprecedented level of wealth, which is powering me through my activities like nothing I’ve ever experienced before”.

It will work, dear reader.

But it will only work when you repeat it the prescribed number of times – 6 times three times daily for three days.

I’m making A.M.P.E.D which is why I’m thinking much and talking about affirmations. Truly it’s the most remarkable technique for rationalizing, streamlining and magicking up your reality.

May it serve you well.

With love, The D

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