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Magnificent wee technique for eliciting an instant mega-increase in childlike glee

Sit as comfortably as you can – you’ll probably need to take yourself off alone if in company unless the company is enlightened and savvy to Taoist techniques – and place the tip of the index finger of your dominant hand on the midline of your perineum (muscle between genitals and anus). Relax your shoulder and arm, breathe slowly throughout and start wobbling your finger to and fro along the midline, similar in motion to female masturbation, except on the perineum. Gradually increase the pressure until your whole genital region is verily, merrily wobbling. Keep it going for at least a minute and then stop suddenly.

Rest and allow all your energy to settle before continuing with your tasks.

This will loosen the restrictive veneer of adulthood in a trice and have you moving through the day like a child, free of the weight of self-importance and taking yourself seriously.

It will also increase circulation in that region which will benefit the health of your eliminatory and sexual functions.

I wish you a well-wobbled, childlike day of wonders and miracles.

Love, B

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