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Maintaining Enlightenment

You can be in the moment, whence derives your personal power and fulfilment – the enlightened state, or you can be in your head conceptualizing about life and your role in it, commenting on how well you’re doing in it, or otherwise, worrying about improving your performance in all the various aspects of life, congratulating yourself for performing so well, berating yourself for performing so badly and so on, and this we can call your drama.

This drama goes on in the front of your head and when you’re in the front of your head with it, you forget it’s just drama, just subjective and hence relative and mistake it for reality itself. It’s not – it’s just your current version of it.

When you’re held in thrall by the drama, you notice your body becoming restricted, your spine becoming compressed, your breathing becoming constricted and with that physical stress, your spirit feeling flattened and your vitality levels decreased.

And as you notice this, you remind yourself you have options. You can if you want, drop the drama altogether, stop trying to resolve it, relax, let go, clarify your intended outcome for the foreseeable future and allow the drama to resolve itself along compatible lines, which it will invariably do when you let it.

And the key lies simply in reversing the physical state – expand your body, by dropping your shoulders, letting your chest be broad and allowing all your muscles to soften. Lengthen your spine by visualising someone tugging your crown upwards by use of an invisible thread attached to the top of your head. Breathe freely, deeply, slowly and evenly. Raise your breastbone a tad and with that feel yourself rising up to all that’s beautiful in the world and in you.

Wish for you: with every breath you take your innate happiness grows by a quantum leap.

Love, D

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