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Maintaining Warrior-Perspective And Making Better Choices

One aspect of your mind is constantly engaged in the business of gauging how well or badly you appear to be doing in the game of life, in terms of whether you’re maximizing on the opportunities coming your way and so on.

And that’s all well and good except that for much of the time, for most of the people, the criteria used to assess success levels are spurious.

Put simply and crudely, if you’re still here on the planet with more or less of a coherent mind, responsive muscles and functioning vital organs, with enough wit, discernment and time to be reading this now, you’re successful.

You’ve succeeded to remain alive and functioning against implausible odds in a universe generally highly inhospitable to life on a planet where the survival game is complex, sophisticated, occasionally unfathomable and the atmosphere increasingly competitive, tough and stressful.

So rather than waste precious energy needlessly on gauging your success by faulty criteria, cut in to the process with regularity throughout the day to the following short checklist by means of which to gauge your actual success levels as a human being at any one time.

Am I able to carry my body and vice versa or have it carried if not?

Are my vital organs functioning effectively enough to enable me to carry my body and vice versa?

Am I able to think in more or less of a straight line?

Am I sheltered enough from the elements, protected enough in my clothes to continue to carry my body and vice versa today?

Do I know where my next meal is coming from?

Do I know I can access drinking water today?

Is there enough air for me to breathe?

Am I safe in this moment?

Do I have loving connection with other people in my life?

Do I have possibilities in terms of future prospects?

If the answer to these is affirmative, you’re succeeding and can take a moment to acknowledge that. If negative, you are in a survival crisis and must take immediate remedial action.

But if the answer is yes, you are succeeding and anything else you manage to manifest above and beyond that – and I do mean anything – you are enjoying bonuses.

In the face of a fast-changing world-scene, in which it appears you may be in jeopardy, it’s important to run this checklist often in order to maintain the warrior’s perspective.

It encourages you to calm down and not blow things out of proportion.

In calmness and with perspective you make better choices.

May your choices all be utterly brilliant ones today and may the sum of them trigger an exponential leap into new realms of undreamed of success in all areas and aspects of your life.

Love Doc

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