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Maintaining Warrior-Perspective And Making Better Choices – ii

A lot of what makes you lose perspective is being held in thrall by what you imagine people will think of you.

If you didn’t care what people would think of you – if you weren’t bothered by the idea others might think you silly or worse, you would always be happy as a sand boy or girl, no matter what your hair was doing, no matter how rubbish you thought you looked in appearance or performance – you’d be happy simply because you’d succeeded in remaining alive to see another day.

But the mind gets drawn into issues of false pride and looking good, being right and all the rest of it, because that’s what minds do.

However, though this tendency is so hardwired into your circuitry it’s all but impossible to dislodge, you are eminently equipped and strongly advised to override it with regularity at frequent intervals throughout the daily round.

So that while one part of your mind is doing you down for not looking like, or being as wealthy as the person in the car next to you, or the latest celebrity heroine or hero on TV or in the glossies, and in that auto-down-doing, cause you to expend unnecessary amounts of precious vitality and brain power, this other part of your mind, the warrior part, is reminding you of what’s what: you’re here, you’re alive, you know about it and you’re winning, you’re succeeding at the game of life – and remembering that your vitality levels increase and your brain functions better.

And basically put, the more you spend time doing that, the less you’ll spend time doing the other.

With more vitality and a better functioning brain, you afford yourself a wider scope of activity and increase your options for the future.

It’s done by drawing your focal point back into your midbrain region, whence you are able to observe the two aspects of mind – in the right corner that aspect that does you down for not matching up to a media-driven ideal and in the left, that aspect that supports and encourages you to keep going because you’re doing fine.

And as the former enters the ring all cocky and sure of itself, watch the latter pounce and knock it out in one. and just let it keep doing that again and again, until the self-critical aspect gets so tired of being punched out, it surrenders the field.

At which point you’ll feel a great levity of being and a huge sensation of freedom in your chest, your self-esteem will grow by a quantum leap and your self-confidence will jump to a level that makes you feel nothing can stand in your way ever again.

And that is precisely what I wish you. May it be so.

Love, B

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