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Major Key To Alleviate Suffering

One of the major keys for liberation from suffering according to Taoist practice is not to worry about your own personal loss or gain when dealing with others. Imagine that, if the reflex of worrying about whether you’re getting your fair share wasn’t being constantly triggered. Imagine if you were so let-go and so trusting in the benevolent nature of life, you truly weren’t concerned for your personal gain or advantage in every situation, weren’t even concerned whether you were getting a fair deal, because you knew instinctually that life would redress the balance as it went along.

With all these ideas, they stand as something to aspire to, not to attempt to force yourself into and contrary to the Confucianist way which might have you attempting to force the ideal, working from the outside to affect the interior state, the Taoist way to taste the fruits of not caring about your own personal gain from moment to moment is to hold that intention in mind, then let go fully into your body, entering the meditative state, letting go of the drama going on in your forebrain by drawing your focal point back into the midbrain and breathing slowly, and thus affect the exterior from within.

Every time you let yourself be centred, you feel yourself standing at the centre of the universe. In the centre you know with every bone in your body that life is benign and will support you. You know, on account of the immutable law of yin and yang, that following any phase of being poorly treated by others, comes a phase of being treated exceptionally well by others, usually others other than the one who mistreated you. And the more often you’re able to enter this pure state of being, the faster the understanding develops, eventually affording you the psycho-emotional flexibility and suppleness to let go of your own self-importance enough to attain freedom from suffering at least in this respect.

Which is a really convoluted but pleasant way of saying fu*k it.

May you know profound liberation today.

Love, D

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