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Make Life Easier For Yourself Now

Make life easier for yourself and in turn you make it easier for others, which in turn eventually makes it easier for everyone, which in turn makes it even easier for you. Which all sounds easy enough but what does it mean and how do you do it? Well let me make it easy for you.

In any given moment you are presented with a menu of mode-options from which to choose. These range from deliriously delighted all the way to despairingly disappointed but essentially all boil down to two meta-choices: relax into each moment willing to trust the universe to support you and provide for all your needs, thus willing to remain positive in your outlook, claiming full ownership and responsibility for your experience; or tense up against it, struggle with it, feel sorry for yourself that it’s not how you thought it would be, blame someone for it and if you can’t find anyone suitable, blame yourself.

Every time you choose the first option – to relax and ease off, you instantly make life easier for yourself and in the atmosphere of ease you consequently generate, other people feel easier around you and as a result, even gods and spirits come to you bearing the gifts you desire and far more, let alone mere mortals. However every time you choose the latter option, of struggling with life, feeling sorry for yourself and getting angry with the world for it, you make life more difficult for yourself and the negative atmosphere you generate causes others to feel unhappy and unwell around you, causing even gods and spirits to give you a wide berth, let alone, mere mortals.

So if you don’t like the sound of that but do like the sound of letting go and trusting, simply say aloud a few times so you hear it loud and clear, ‘I am willing to let go and trust the universe to support me now,’ and when you’ve done, suddenly subtly tense every muscle in your body and with an exhalation, relax everything completely. (The tensing first makes the relaxation afterwards more contrasted and hence palpable).

The trick then merely lies in remembering to repeat this set of internal moves every time you spot yourself struggling.

May life ease right up on you and those gods and spirits bring you a multitude of unexpected, fine gifts now.

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