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Make life go with more of a swing

Because we’re fairly regimented from early training at school, we tend to compartmentalise the various aspects of existence and feel resistance to fusing two or more aspects in a novel form, however the old ways of the East suggest we desist from resisting and indulge ourselves in certain fusions to make life go with more of a swing.

Specifically, by learning to meditate all the time, rather than confining your meditation practice to a certain time and place each day, you open your experience of each and every moment to include the Tao in everything you do – you find yourself looking out at the world and enjoying its fruits from the mind of the Tao itself and you really can’t do much better than that.

The way it’s done is to spend a few minutes with your eyes all but closed concentrating on gathering your mind in the centre of your brain and gazing along a line stretching into infinity in the endless inner void in the space between and behind your eyes and then, as you subsequently go about your business, constantly reminding yourself to keep breathing and drawing the mind back into centre brain, even while in the midst of conversation. The more often you pull yourself back to centre like this in the course of a day or night, the more empowered you’ll be in every thought, word and deed and the more easily, therefore, you’ll manifest whatever you need there and then on the spot.

Of course it takes a lifetime of training yourself to approach mastery, so best to start immediately.

May you feel supremely masterly today and tonight, dear reader.

Love, Barefoot

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