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Make This Day Beautiful For You And Everyone Around You

When those around you seem to be experiencing a hard time and it’s making them feel glum, there’s a mistaken tendency to feel obliged to join them, as if revealing you’re feeling fine, would be like rubbing salt in the wound. However, this won’t help them out of their glumness. All it will do is make you glum too. Others are helped out of their glumness when you provide an example of joyfulness and cheerfulness for them to feel inspired by. Of course be subtle about it – don’t make a loud noise of your cheerfulness, simply allow joyfulness and cheerfulness to inform your thoughts, words and deeds at a deep level and others will instantly pick up on at a deep level. Their conscious minds may not actively notice what’s happening and may continue a while longer in a glum state but by and by their internal joy will grow till it bursts through to the surface again.

It’s not that you’re required to use your innate joy in the miracle of existence and your presence in it as a tool to alleviate the glumness of others, but that you don’t mistakenly believe you’re obliged to relinquish your joy when around those feeling less joyful than you. For you it’s simply about discreetly remaining at one with the joy informing you and the fortunate by-product of that is the way it subtly, yet effectively inspires the joy of those around you, thus helping alleviate suffering wherever you go.

So you could say it was your duty as a responsible member of the global family, to access and express your innate joy from moment to moment.

And the key to this ability lies in lightening up and softening your heart area this merry Monday, as according to the ancient and very wise Taoists, joy is a natural result of healthily flowing heart energy.

So saying, make fists and gently, rhythmically pound your chest like Tarzan while chanting the sound, HAAAAAAAHHHHH for the duration of six exhalations, then stop suddenly and within seconds you’ll feel a delightful sense of warm, fluid energy spreading throughout your chest as an increased flow of heart energy is activated.

May your joy know no bounds today.

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