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Make Your Life Exciting Here And Now

You simply have no idea what’s coming next in the movie of your life. If you did, your life-movie would be boring and would not comprise the fabulous adventure in the world your heart desires and deserves. In fact I’d go as far as to say the extent to which you assume you know what’s coming next is the extent to which your life is boring. Naturally it’s nice to have a vague idea and count on certain constants perpetuating themselves for the sake of survival but as long as you assume you know how, where and with whom the story of your life will unfold, you’re depriving yourself of your full quota of the vitality, energy, drive and enthusiasm that can only derive from surrendering to the adventure of being part of an unfathomable mystery.

Only having allowed yourself some degree of surrender are you able to access sufficient chi to inform a new intention to manifest something different, bigger, and more satisfying.

While you’re assuming you can predict the next phase, you’re creating rigidity within, which obstructs the flow of vitality throughout body and mind and in turn causes similar rigidity and constriction externally. You prevent the Tao, the inherent way of things, from performing with full freedom and so the results you obtain are necessarily limited and hence limiting.

So why not free yourself up now and by doing so free up the way the Tao can operate and produce results in your life? Well for one because you might be scared of change. That’s perfectly natural, however without change there can be no growth and without growth there can be no real satisfaction.

If it’s important to you to feel satisfied – satisfied you’re gaining the very most from life and not wasting any of the miracle of your existence – override that fear now enough to accommodate the fact that you truly never know what’s waiting right round the corner.

And lest that fills you inadvertently with superstitious dread, tell your Tao immediately, ‘I want this next phase to be one of unprecedented expansion and growth into everything that is for my highest possible good in all ways – so be it.’

And it will be so.

May the results start showing up for you in full splendour and magnificence today, and tomorrow.

Love, Doc

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