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Make Your World More Beautiful Today

The Fool in the tarot cards is similar to the Taoist ideal of the innocent sage – you’re without egocentric agenda. You are merely here to serve by enjoying being here and sharing it. To achieve this state, it comes down to being relaxed in your body, to being comfortable within your skin. So you relax your muscles and soft tissue, you slow down your breathing and raise your breastbone – just the tiniest, subtlest bit. You keep your back relaxed, don’t arch, yet very slightly raise just your breastbone and in that subtlest of movements, if you’re very sensitive, you’ll feel your spirit lift – you’ll feel as if you’re rising up to all that is beautiful in life.

For it is a choice you make. You can either allow yourself to be dragged down by the ugliness or you can make the slightest of movements and feel yourself rising up to all that’s beautiful in the world – and in yourself.

Rising up to all that’s beautiful, you add to that beauty with your own – you become beautiful – and so doing you increase the beauty for everyone – you make everyone around you feel beautiful, which in turn makes it all the more beautiful for you to be here.

May the beauty of you being here today, tonight, right through the weekend and way beyond, radiate far and wide and your blessings be multitudinous.

Love, Doc

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