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Making A Life-Changing Quantum Leap Today

Life develops either incrementally or exponentially, though mostly through a combination of the two.

However if it’s exponential you want, all you have to do is choose it, for what you focus on grows.

So if you focus on the exponential transformation occurring, even if invisibly, in your life that’s what will grow.

If you insist on seeing life as a plodding along affair where nothing changes that much from year to year, decade to decade, other than the way your skin hangs on your body and so on, then that will be your experience.

And the magical bit is that if you do choose to focus on the exponential level, you will actually activate and amplify that aspect. As a result, things will start developing via a series of discernible quantum jumps, rather than notch-by-notch.

Activating this though requires a certain degree of courage as you’ll be thrusting yourself into the new with some intensity.

If that appeals today, simply gather yourself, feel yourself physically present in your body, breathing slowly, relaxed and aware of your surroundings. Then, addressing your higher self: that aspect that is one with the creative power of the universe itself, say with absolute fullness of self brought to bear on it, ‘I ordain a full quantum leap to occur spontaneously in my life now, which affects all aspects of my existence for the better – bring it on.’

And it will be so.

You may not notice anything too much initially but that’s only because you’re not looking at things on the subatomic level whence the shift is initiated.

However soon enough you’ll notice your whole life has miraculously shifted exponentially and at that point you’re well advised to smile, clap hands and jump for joy.

May you trigger a proper stonker of a quantum leap for the better in all aspects of your life today.

Love, B

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