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Making A Miracle Happen In Your World Today

Rather than be lulled into the trance of destruction and doom now, spend a moment creating a different reality, not just for you but for everyone, for as you see it, providing you see it fully, with absolute fullness of self brought to bear on the seeing, so it will be and if enough people see it with you, the speed of its coming into form will exponentially accelerate. To wit, visualize all the people to the north of you, all the people to the south, all the people to the east and all the people to the west and no matter what they’re doing or not doing, engaging in or not engaging in, believing in or not believing in, see each and everyone of them, including you in the middle, touched this instant by grace, grace that comprises energy, vitality, inner peace, wisdom, understanding, brightness, wholeness, sanity, joy, prosperity, personal freedom, love, health and fulfilment.

Visualize the whole world smile and sigh with relief and gratitude. Smile and sigh with relief and gratitude yourself and carry on as you were.

May this not only set you up royally for the day, night and tomorrow, but also trigger an actual miracle of healing in the world at large.

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