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Making everything go with a wonderful whizz

Though the earth is spinning on her axis at 1,000 miles an hour even as we speak, while simultaneously hurtling around the sun at no less than a staggering 66,000 miles an hour, have you noticed how you still tend to rush, as if all that speed wasn’t enough?

In fact when you weigh in the speed the solar system is orbiting the galaxy and the speed the galaxy is hurtling through space, the total speed comes to somewhere around one million miles an hour, yet still the tendency to rush.

Though the ancient Taoists weren’t able to calculate exact speeds, they knew the earth was round, not flat, and knew we were in fast forward motion even though everything feels totally still.

They used this knowledge and developed methods of pumping the kinetic power of the planet up the legs and into the body. By doing so, not only were they able to generate a supercharged level of chi, they were also able to enjoy being still, slowing down and allowing life to happen rather than attempt to force the pace. They found this enabled them to successfully guide in what they needed from the external world graciously, rather than by grasping or pushing at things.

And we’re no different to them – we have all the same faculties and potential to develop all the same abilities, even with our addiction to keep changing the internal state, by whichever form of external stimulus we can grab onto at the time, in fact precisely because of it.

For the ancient Taoists were human too and hence also prone to being distracted and pulled by externals, hence why they so needed to develop ways to counter that tendency and so achieve peace.

In fact, if you were to sit still for a moment and actually allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling and then rather than give way to restlessness and the urge to change your state, simply sat with it, breathing slowly, making yourself aware, if only intellectually, of the vast speed at which we’re traveling, you’d find within moments, your state would change naturally anyway, but rather than change to yet another version of fizz, it would change to the far more desirable state of inner peace.

Taking a few moments out to focus inwards like this, a few times a day for the next three or four days, in fact, will engender a totally reframed and vastly improved version of reality for you and make the weekend go with a wonderful whizz.

I wish you a vastly improved version of reality that makes everything go with a magnificent whizz.

Love, Doc

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