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Making Life Easy For Yourself Today

If you start from the premise that there are no mistakes possible and that everything works for your highest good, so even when things seem askew it’s only because the Tao is shunting things into position to produce your highest good and so not to adjust your set, you are then able to relax far more into the decision-making process and allow the Tao rather than force it to produce your desired result.

However what makes it difficult for the Western goal-orientated mind to let go of decision-making angst is the fear of becoming complacent, lazy or irresponsible.

The tendency is to unconsciously engineer angst as a form of ballast to prevent relaxing into a state of faith so much you stop bothering to engage in daily life altogether.

But relaxing into your trust in the benign nature of the Tao isn’t the same as collapsing into it.

True relaxation into your faith is active, similar to the way a snowboarder relaxes into that state of faith that the Tao of the slope will be benign.

So you let go of struggling to figure our what to do next, you clarify the outcomes you intend to manifest, then you let go and relax into the day, responding to whatever needs doing or you feel impelled to do with all the excellence you can muster from moment to moment and in the doing of it all, your decisions will be made for you.

May you glide to your true fulfilment with the greatest of ease.

Love, D

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