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Making Serious Miracles Happen Now

Miracles are quantum shifts occurring first at the metaphysical level (literally, on the plane above the physical) or quantum field, subsequently manifesting in real time in the form of opportunities that come mostly out of the blue, taking which turns your whole life around and moves you up a whole level in terms of enjoyment and fulfilment in all respects in the twinkling of an eye, in a way you could never contrive or manufacture.

Your part is to form a clear intention about what you want to manifest as outcomes in the game of life. The broader-based you make these, the more room you allow the field in which to express itself. The field likes to show off to you. It likes to put on a show. This whole reality is one big trick of the light as any scientist will confirm - it’s all show. Hence it’s susceptible to your influence and as soon as your intention is focused and clear, it responds by morphing itself into a new shape according to your will.

Think about all areas of your life and create an intention for each whereby you find yourself living and operating, experiencing and enjoying on an exponentially expanded scale - love, health, wealth, career and so on - all arenas of life now suddenly expanded by a quantum leap, by a miracle and you loving it, amazed, humbled, slightly stunned and grateful.

See this clearly in your mind’s eye (projected into the space behind your forehead when viewed from the midbrain region), allow yourself to believe it with the fullness of your being for a second or so and then let go. Within no time at all (usually between 30 and 90 days), you’ll experience a spontaneous shift of circumstances that will improve all areas of life for the better by a quantum jump.

Repeat this again today, tomorrow and through the weekend and before you know it your life will be all but unrecognisable in its unprecedented magnificence and so will you.

Loving wish: that within 30 to 90 days, you hardly recognise yourself or your life for the magnificence shining from your soul and from the core of every atom comprising existence.

Love, B

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