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Making Way For Your Creativity

Turning off the TV and leaving it off is perhaps one of the most profoundly sensible moves you can make these days if you wish to keep your mind and outlook relatively clean and untainted by the plethora of spurious, subjective nonsense pervading the airwaves most of the time – it’s a real energy suck and gives you nothing back but stress.

And yes, there are some good things on it but so what – there are loads of good things not on it too. The screen hypnotizes you and renders you passive and semi-helpless, while the gamma rays suck your chi and the questionable editorial policies of the various channels play themselves out in a dull shower of mediocrity in front of your eyes. And while you think not watching it could put you out of touch with the zeitgeist, in fact it’s the opposite because once your mind is free of the dross the box (mostly) purveys, you are far more easily able to tune in to the actual undercurrents driving society.

Instead of sitting there sucking up other peoples’ ideas, use the time to create your own output in whatever format most suits – use the time to contribute something valuable rather than consume loads of mostly worthless rubbish and you’ll find your whole life takes on a new dimension, a new depth. It’s true the commercials are works of art on many levels but is it really worth devoting your precious time on earth to marvelling at the art behind selling things to you?

De-hypnotize yourself and give that time and energy back to you.

Remind yourself that your own life constitutes an adventure far more thrilling and amazing at every level than anything anyone could possibly conjure up on TV and only watch it if someone actually comes up with something even more riveting.

But considering where you actually are right now – on a planet hurtling through space at no less than 600 miles a second, when you calculate in the movement of the solar system and of the galaxy, sailing into the heart of the mystery of self-realization, it’s hard to imagine what could be more exciting.

So off with the box, say I, and be creatively proactive.

Wish: that you spontaneously discover a creative seam that opens your adventure up to a whole new and vastly more delightful dimension.

Love, Doc

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