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Making Yourself Feel Better About Yourself And Your life Than You’ve Felt In A Long, Long While

To accelerate the effects of positive self-talk make a list of everything about you that’s holding back from giving and receiving the very best – all aspects of you that feel shameful or not up to par. Then make a new list by converting each entry to its opposite. For instance if one entry reads – I’m a mean, nasty so and so, covert it to I’m a generous, kind person. Then make yet another list.

At the start of each entry, write, ‘Even though I think…’ then go back to the first list and put in the negative from there for that entry, then go to the second list and grab the positive from there. For instance, ‘Even though I think I’m a mean, nasty so and so, I’m a generous, kind person’.

Now make a final list in which you change first person to second person: for instance, ‘Even though you think you’re a mean, nasty so and so, you’re a generous, kind person’.

When you’ve completed that list read it aloud using an all-knowing, unconditionally loving-wise voice.

Take your time over it, though at most the whole process shouldn’t require much more than twenty minutes tops providing you’re in the mood to focus on it fully and you’ll find yourself feeling rather different within no more than twenty minutes or however long it requires for the sound of your voice to penetrate to the deepest recesses of your mind and within 24 hours you’ll notice yourself feeling better about yourself and your life than you’ve done in a long, long while.

May it be so and you find yourself feeling so good about yourself and your life, you just want to spend all day kissing it and you.

Love, B

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