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Managing acceleration

Many people I’m speaking to are remarking on how time feels as if it’s accelerating and feel they don’t have enough time to get everything done and would like the day to be at least four hours longer.

While that’s a hard one to pull off, it is possible to stretch time by willing it to expand, so that 24 hours provides a lot more scope to do whatever you have to do.

Take the next hour for instance. If you will it to stretch in order to accommodate you doing all you have to do, it will gladly oblige. Merely hold your two hands up in front of you in prayer position (palms lightly pressed together) and visualize inserting the next hour between them. Now, concentrating fully on it, very slowly separate your hands to full span and as you do, picture the hour being stretched.

Doing so, you’ll be amazed at how much more you get done in a relaxed way.

This applies to work, rest or play time, so try it in all situations and see what occurs.

I wish you all the time in the world today and tonight and all of it filled with more pleasure than you could possibly imagine.

Love, D

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