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Manifest the moment

Manifesting isn’t just about the big things, the houses, jobs, fortunes, loves and so on, it’s about moment-to-moment reality. In fact this aspect is even more important, because all you actually have is this moment as it tips into the next. Without it, you’d fall through the gap and not be around to enjoy the big stuff anyway.

So instead of worrying things may turn messy around you in any given situation and waste loads of vital force pre-empting it, choose things to somehow work out elegantly for everyone and peace and plenty to prevail, see it that way in your mind’s eye, then let go (of the stress in your belly, breathe out fully, breathe in fully and keep doing so) and trust the Great Way to deliver you (to) your highest good, which it will invariably do – and the more you let go and trust it, the more elegantly it will do so.

Keep seeing the intended outcome and allow the Tao to make it happen. Your part, then, is merely to respond to whatever happens with as much elegance and excellence you can muster in the moment, always remembering to enjoy the miracle of being alive regardless.

And from this moment on, what you want will grow into being miraculously before your very eyes.

That’s my wish for you today (keep your eyes open).

Love, D

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