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Manifest The Outcome You Want Today

You can either sit there fearing the eventuality you don’t want or visualizing the eventuality you do want.

Whichever you choose, that’s what you’ll manifest in the fullness of time.

So if you’re afraid of something you grew anxious about during a ‘what if’ session, rather than keep on investing energy in it, thus influencing it to actually happen, discipline your mind to instead visualize the outcome you do want.

Thank that fearful part of you, as it’s only trying to protect you. Assure it you have things under your command and then focus your visioning powers on seeing yourself jump over the hurdles and land on your feet with everything in perfect order and your life working smoothly.

See it clearly, invest your energy in that vision and keep doing it, only for moments at a time but frequently throughout the day and you’ll manifest exactly that.

Wish: you manifest a miraculous turn-around of circumstances that sets your whole life shining.

Love, Doc

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