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Manifesting: Can you manifest things for other people?

People ask me,

“Can I manifest wealth or relationships for other people or is this meddling?’

Yes you certainly can and no it’s not, as long as you know they really want what you’re manifesting on their behalf.

I’ve seen innumerable instances of it with my own eyes, during the 17 years I ran my healing practice. People would come in looking defeated and as well as diagnosing the problem so I could help fix it, I’d also discern how that person would look and behave once they’d discovered their true potential. I’d then feed that back to them and if they liked what I was describing, would then set about manifesting it, seeing them only in that state, rather than how they were showing up at that moment and in hardly any time at all, they’d actually start morphing into that – and would know they were doing it too.

So if you want to manifest health and/or wealth for someone, for instance, start seeing them health and/or wealthy and refuse to see them as anything other than healthy and/or wealthy, and provided they’re sharing your wish for them, results will start showing up in no time at all.

The rewards for doing this for others are you subsequently getting what you want for yourself in the most beautiful way, without having to make any effort at all. Highly recommended.

I wish you to get what you want in the most beautiful way today, without making any effort at all, meanwhile.

Love, D

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