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Manifesting: can you only manifest what you need as opposed to what you want?

People ask me ‘I’ve heard from some people you can’t manifest what you want, only what you need, yet from others that if you need it you can’t manifest it – it only works if you simply want it for fun. Which is true?'

Both and neither.

The Great Way will always supply your needs, as long as you relax and trust it to. This is not so much about manifesting as relaxing and trusting. The Great Way will also always give you what you want when you ask for it sincerely – obviously the asking signifies you clarifying what you want to yourself, which in itself is enough to trigger the process.

But you have to know you’re fully supplied with all you need here and now, no matter how it may appear to the contrary in your mind, and you have to know that that things you want, are all merely part of a magic lantern show and in themselves have no intrinsic value, other than the opportunity they afford you to experience love in some form or another, otherwise you’re attempting to do your magic from an incomplete state.

As this all works on magnetism, incompleteness merely magnetizes more incompleteness, while completeness magnetizes the complete experience you desire from an alteration of external conditions.

In other words you have to know things are OK as they are to change them to being even more OK.

I wish you things be way beyond being just OK today.

Love, D

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