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Manifesting: Does manifesting in a group exponentially multiply the effect for everyone present?

Whenever two or more people come together to visualize something, it exponentially multiplies the effect for each and the more people focusing together, the greater the power grows for everyone present.

What we’re playing with when manifesting new realities is consciousness.

Quantum physicists have come round to the same place the Taoists mystics were at thousands of years earlier: existence, the universe is fundamentally comprised of consciousness. Consciousness responds to consciousness. When two or more people combine their consciousness to visualize something, they generate an exponentially multiplied magnetic field around the desired result, which increases the power of the incoming manifestation accordingly for everyone involved.

Obviously it doesn’t always work 100% because of variations in chemistry of the group and the degree of purity in the will of all present. Envy from one of the participants for another, for instance, will weaken the circuit.

Hence why it’s important for some to facilitate a purification of sorts before starting the operation.

And you can achieve the same effect simply by plugging your awareness into the grid of sentient, awake beings on the planet who are aligned to working the light and producing the highest good for everyone without even knowing who or where they are.

Meanwhile, I wish your manifestation power exponentially multiplied with every breath you take henceforth, dear reader.

Love, B

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