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Manifesting enough time to do everything you want in life

This rushing tendency we’re all prey to, this feeling we have to get everything done now before we die, as if it’s important, is actually a neurosis, even psychosis and as it’s bad for health on all levels, important to antidote or at least attenuate somewhat.

You know the ancient Taoist sages, who knew a thing or two, things our modern quantum physicists are only now catching onto a few thousand years later, reckoned we’re each allotted only a certain number of breaths per lifetime, hence the more slowly we breathe, the longer we live, assuming we don’t get killed along the way.

But as well as this huge payoff, slowing the breathing down is also the most direct, effective way you have of quelling the rush within. And interestingly, the slower you breathe, hence the less you’re caught in the rush, the more you achieve.

However you can also amplify this happy effect by psycho-energetically stretching time. Merely hold your palms together before as in prayer position and visualize the span of time you have in which to achieve your given load, wedged between them. Now slowly separate your hands and keep doing so until at full arm span, all the while seeing the time span stretch with it.

I wish you all the time in the world and a beautiful day and/or night ahead.

Love, D

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