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Manifesting – finding out what you really want

People say,

‘I’ve heard that as soon as you know exactly what you want, it’s already manifesting, but I have a really hard time finding out what I really want.’

Most of the time most of us haven’t got a clue what we want. We may think we do but often on getting it realize that wasn’t it at all. Or we get what we think we didn’t want and find ourselves realizing it was actually what we’d wanted all the while but were in denial about.

The problem arises from being overly entranced by the externals, the details, rather than focusing on the actual experience or state you imagine the desired set of externals would afford you.

So rather than fixating on manifesting 25K (to 900,000K depending on how mad you want to go) to buy that car, figure out the sensations of the experience walking into that car showroom and saying, “I’ll have that one please,” would elicit in you.

Accomplishment, pride, excitement, success, thrill and self-worth spring to mind as examples.

You’d then focus on manifesting this state of feeling accomplished, proud of yourself, excited to be alive, feeling successful, thrilled and that you were worth it.

Manifesting a state takes no time at all. And as soon as you’ve done so and are holding steady with it, you’ll start automatically magnetizing the external details required in exactly the right configuration to produce the car or whatever it takes to support and support such a state.

Wishing you beautiful states and corresponding detail-configurations, dear reader.

Love, B

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