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Manifesting: how can you feel things are OK when everything’s in a mess?

I’ve got a friend, I consider to be a master at manifesting. He always gets what he intends and materializes a beautiful, exciting, rewarding life for himself, fairly consistently. Whenever he comes to a gig of mine, he invariably comes up before I start and whispers in my ear, “Fuck it up a little bit, Doctor.”

By which he means, desist from assuming life is meant to be all neat and tidy. It isn’t. It needs to be messy, for there to be neat and tidy by contrast. And when we manage to manifest some neat and tidy, we must always remember it’s merely a phase and that mess will inevitably follow. And we must not be afraid of the mess, in fact we must welcome it in order to find the neat and tidy amongst all the bits.

Hence, even when things are apparently all messed up and it seems as if you’ll come unstuck, if you want to manifest a swift turnaround, relax and trust the mess to bring you what you want, rather than fear it will do the reverse.

This gesture of trust in the Tao never fails to elicit the rewards you want.

I wish you untold rewards, dear reader.

Love, B

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