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Manifesting series part 1 – does wanting something push it away?

This is the first of a short series on manifesting, specifically relating to the main questions people ask me with frequency.

‘I’ve heard some people say you really have to want something to make it manifest and others say you have to not want it or you push it away. Which is true?’

Both and neither. You obviously have to want something to even bother to think about manifesting it. Having determined you want it, you then have to visualize it and imbue that visualization with energy. You then have to let go of caring about the result. Austin Spare, the great occultist always ended his magical operations, saying, “Does not matter, need not be.” That encourages you to return to the present moment feeling complete as you are, hence not subscribing to a sense of lack that needs fixing. Whole, you act as a magnet, that draws the requisite external conditions into the optimal configuration to produce the result you desire.

The tricky bit in all that is knowing what you actually want.

Regardless of which I wish you a few hefty wonderful surprises today.

Love, D

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