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Manifesting Something Utterly Amazing Today

Where you are right now is exactly where you manifested yourself to be. How you are right now is exactly how you manifested yourself to be. How you feel right now is exactly how you manifested yourself to feel.

Give thanks and salute your higher self for manifesting this even if your local self thinks it sucks – no matter – give thanks – for through gratitude comes acceptance and through acceptance comes loving it and by loving it you set it free to manifest into something different.

Give thanks for everything exactly as it is. Give thanks for the fear in your belly. Give thanks for the confusion in your mind. And give thanks for the potential to create something entirely new now.

What do you want it to comprise?










Passionate expression.


You want it all.

Tell your higher self – tell your Tao – it already knows because it is you, but tell it all the same – it’s important to hear the sound of it in your head.

Then relax and sink into your body here and now this moment and give thanks again – thanks for being here, thanks for feeling it, thanks for knowing it, thanks for being able to share it, thanks for what’s to come next - give thanks for all of it and miracles will unfold in quantum leaps.

May you be giddy from all the new good coming today.

Love, B

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