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Marvelous method of instantly upping your innate joy factor

Joy arises naturally when you stop doing yourself in/down. As soon as you ease off and congratulate yourself for doing so well – well enough to have survived and probably mostly thrived so far against all the odds and still be here smiling and willing to keep engaging in the game of the everyday with all its tumbles and falls – as soon as you congratulate yourself for this immense accomplishment you make way for joy.

And to expedite its flourishing press your finger into the dead centre of your breastbone and turn a small circle about as big as a penny or cent in a clockwise direction (looking down) and keep turning, completing 18 circles in all.

Next look at the soft side of your wrist and running up the midline of the soft side of your forearm, you’ll spot two adjacent tendons.

Now about one plum’s distance along these tendons from the wrist bracelet, press in firmly yet respectfully with enough force to make that hand feel somewhat paralyzed and hold the pressure for the count of 18, then repeat on the other hand.

Now rest to let the chi settle and as you do, tell yourself, “Perpetual joy is my natural state and birthright and this remains so completely regardless of how I’m describing the external world to myself – I am joy!”

This should do the trick nicely and your joy will grow exponentially hereafter.

May you be imbued with such joy its all you can do not to start skipping merrily along singing, ‘Barefoot is a brick,’ for all the world to hear.

Love, B

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