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Master-affirmation to augment self-empowerment exponentially

The way you talk to yourself internally naturally has a direct and all-embracing effect on the way you operate and perform externally and hence on the results you get.

One way to marshal your auto-dialogue into a strong positive thought-force is to recite affirmations. Yes-sayings.

These are based on the notion you create your reality as above according to the thoughts you habitually entertain, hence by changing the thoughts you habituate yourself to, you change your reality.

And here’s the master-affirmation to initiate it:

'I have power over my reality by having power over my thoughts – I exert this power wisely and lovingly at all times.'

Write this down by hand six times, then say it aloud six times, then think it six times, then sing or chant it six times and carry on as you were.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the subtle, yet radical way it transforms reality for you without you having to do a single thing more about it.

I wish you a phase of delightful surprises, starting to day and growing exponentially more delightful and surprising thenceforth.

Love, B

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