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Mastering disruption

Recent and ongoing disruptions to the normal pattern of everyday life, having highlighted the need for increased flexibility, it occurs to remind you of the wobbly doll model.

The wobbly doll with its weighted rounded base, though dignified in its bearing at all times, has no self-importance. If you push it with all your might, it will merely roll with the force, tilt all the way over, circle and come back upright again.

Empty your head and chest of the story about you and the world, you’re carrying around, let it go, be light in your upper parts. Let all the weight of that drop down below your navel into your legs.

Grounded, rooted and strong, you can now afford to be flexible, so you can yield with ease to all oncoming force that might otherwise impact painfully on your person, while maintaining your dignity.

I wish you the suppleness of a willow in the wind.

Love, Doc

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