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Meditation To Accelerate The Ability To Let Go Of Self-Importance And Jump Into the Miracle Flow

To let go of yourself and drop your egocentric agendas enough to serve those around you by sharing your joy and love with them in whichever way presents itself at the time, you first have to dismantle the regular version of reality you subscribe to, you have to relinquish the story of who you are enough to allow the light of consciousness through.

The Taoists devised many methods for this, one of the more profound and instantly effective of which goes as follows.

If possible lie down, if not remain as you are. Take a moment to relax with lowered eyelids and gaze from the midbrain region into the void behind your eyes and forehead in order to still your mind.

Now visualize your skeleton, all the way from the toe bones up to the top of your cranium.

Next realize you don’t just have to visualize it you can actually feel it if you want, because these bones are within you and indeed comprise the basis of your physical structure.

Next just be your bones – just be your skeleton.

So now you’re a skeleton with consciousness lying there or positioned however you’re positioned.

Take a while just being your skeleton and enjoying the magnificently profound simplicity and stillness of it.

Now visualize each time you inhale that you’re breathing light in through the tips of your toe bones, all the way up to the top of your cranium and then, as you exhale, send the light back down the body and out of your toe bones. And with every successive breath, the light grows brighter and as it passes up and down the skeleton, it does so by moving through the very marrow. And with each pass, your marrow is growing stronger and more energized.

Finally re-enter the everyday state, but do so maintaining the visualization of your bone marrow being energized and that energy fuelling your whole person from the inside out.

With that set-up supporting you, you are now poised to serve and so trigger a stream of miracles in return.

I wish you a passage of unprecedented miracle-streaming starting right now.

Love, B

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