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Mega-powerful de-stress method

Much of what makes you stress yourself derives originally from taking life and your place in it too personally.

Were you able to identify solely with being the internal witness, one who has no body or personality, no status, no stake in the material-physical world at all, you’d not need to stress yourself about anything.

You’d be able simply to observe and enjoy the spectacle, perhaps gently guiding the flow by intention but otherwise spending your time exuding compassion for the deluded games of humankind and all the stress they elicit.

One marvelous Taoist technique to enhance this ability to invest in loss, as they put it, is to imagine you’re dead and are only here as a disembodied spirit that no one can see, as if your actual body belongs to someone else altogether.

If you’ve the existential daring to try it, you’ll find within moments, a total radical reframe occurs spontaneously, resetting your perspective and returning your operating system to factory settings, all untainted, fresh and new of view. In turn, this instantly reduces stress levels and stops you worrying so much over the details of the everyday world.

Do remember to return all parts of you back into the present moment once you’re done, mind, as it’s important to be present and correct as much of the time as possible.

I wish you stunning presence today, the clearest perspective and the least stress you’ve ever had.

Love, D

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