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Mega-Powerful Sound-Healing For Clearing Body And Mind Part I

Sometimes life gets intense and the thoughts become confused and dense, the body becomes tense and the energy gets stuck, generating a vicious stress spiral and an instant remedy is required.

When your body goes out of balance and symptoms present, it’s on account of the sound wave not being able to pass through you freely, because of the blockages caused by constriction of the vessels and soft tissue.

What blocks your energy and so leads to disharmony-causing symptoms is residual stress being constantly retriggered and added to by habitual reaction to external pressure.

There are many ways to release this stress and go about healing oneself or others and different ways for different times or phases and though sound as a healing medium is universally applicable, sometimes it will resonate (literally) and sometimes it won’t resonate quite so much, hence why you need to repeat what I’m about to share quite often and regularly for a while to truly feel the benefits. And it’s worth it.

The ancient Taoists developed various sets of vocal sounds, which if repeated resonantly enough effectively micro-massage the blocks away and help restore you to radiant glowing health.

Watch a cat purring and what you’re actually seeing is them engaged in the natural act of healing themselves. Everything in this universe is fundamentally an expression and manifestation of sound. The whole thing is subtended by a sound wave, 50 octaves below human hearing levels. It’s inconceivably huge and profound.

The idea with all these sound healing exercises of the ancient Taoists, is to become like a cat, purring to heal itself with the sonic vibrations, causing chi to flow through all the vital organs and vessels freely and smoothly, thus ridding the body of disharmony and associated symptoms. To be effective, use your mind to guide the sonic vibration to all parts of you.

You can use the sounds to unblock the channels and so rebalance your system.

Using healing sounds to micro-massage your vessels, vital organs and everything in between is one highly viable way.

Any of the sounds will work but each also has a specific emphasis.

Start off with one of the easiest, usually used to rebalance the liver but which has an obvious overall calming effect.

In the folds of your lower palate make a very soft, almost silent shhhhhh sound.

Start off seeing/hearing it happen in your upper abdominal region, especially on the right side. But keep doing it and allow the sound to be happening right up and down your front and all the way into your back too, until your whole being is a shhhhhhh.

Next, one of the most viable versions to expedite your increased wellbeing and it goes as follows.

Place your tongue on your lower palate and relax it. Now take in a deep breath and with a subtle ‘h’ at the beginning, blow the air along and all around your tongue, causing it to flap rapidly, in a continuous rolling ‘r’ sound.

If you’re really up for a powerful rebalancing session, keep it going for anything up to 20 minutes, even while engaged in other activities.

One thing you’ll notice instantly is how the noise in your forebrain vanishes altogether, causing you to be totally present.

However long you do do it for, guide the vibration back through your brain and down through your body, through your vital organs, vessels, soft tissue, muscles, sinews and bones, so that your whole body and mind feels like one huge rolling ‘r’.

Now, let’s turn our thoughts to joyfulness – let’s turn them there every day in fact but especially today and let it be a day of the deepest joy in your life so far. It’s all down to choosing it – and helping it along with some sonic stimulation provided courtesy of the ancient Taoist healing sounds, as above. This one for the heart chi, which when flowing freely gives rise to spontaneously feeling the joy of being alive regardless of conditions.

The idea is to focus on the epicentre of the sound, which in this case is the centre of the chest and as you get used to feeling the sound vibrating there, allow it to spread out to all parts of you, micro-massaging your vital organs, sense organs, brain, vessels, soft tissue, muscles, sinews and bones.

And the sound is a gentle yet persistent ‘hawhhhhh-hawhhhhh- hawhhhhhh-hawhhhhh- hawhhhhh-etc – a little like very slow-motion laughter.

Do it for a few breaths and you’ll start feeling a notable increase of inner peace and subtle joy. Do it for twenty minutes and you’ll feel so carefree and deeply joyful you might burst.

Next, the point of origin is the centre of the forehead. Focus there, inhale deeply and make a mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-etc sound, inserting simple and complex vowel sounds randomly in the gaps (mmm-a, -e, -i, -o, -u, -aye, -ah, -ay, -eh, -ee, -aye, -ih, -oh, -ow, -oi, -uh, -etc).

Keep doing it and feel the vibration it causes in the centre of the forehead, spreading gently outwards, through the sense organs, back into the brain, then down through the vital organs, vessels, soft tissue, muscles, sinews and bones – until your whole body is one huge vibrating mmm. Do it for a few breaths’ worth and you’ll notice your head clear and your body feeling more energized. Do it for twenty minutes or so and you’ll feel high as a hawk on the wing.

Next, use your mind to guide the sound from its epicentre to all parts of you. Allow it to build up at its epicentre and then gradually allow it to radiate everywhere.

This particular sound has its epicentre in the throat and is used to clear communicational blocks as well as localized problems with the throat and thorax.

Take a deep breath and make the sound yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay and keep doing it for at least a few breaths’ worth, gradually allowing it to radiate throughout your vital organs, sense organs, brain, vessels, soft tissue, muscles, sinews and bones, until your whole being is just one huge yayayayayaya and within moments you’ll feel remarkably relaxed throughout your body and mind.

Finally, the following is used to clear the pathway between local self and spirit-self while simultaneously serving as an all-over channel clearer.

Start by focusing on the sound at its epicentre, which in this instance is the middle of the upper chest approximately where your thymus is located.

As you become comfortable feeling the sound micro-massaging you there, allow it to spread out till it’s micro-massaging every part of you, your vital organs, sense organs, brain, vessels, soft tissue, muscles, sinews and bones.

And the sound is whyohwah repeated as resonantly as possible, over and over, mouth and throat movement slightly exaggerated to elicit overtones.

A few breaths’ worth will alter your state and make you feel more deeply connected at source. Keep it going for twenty minutes and you’ll know yourself as nothing less than fully universal.

I’m not saying sound is the only way to heal yourself – far from it – visualization is a huge part of successful healing as is stimulation of various energy points and centres by acupressure, massage, and laying on of hands, to name but a few examples.

However, as this entire universe and all its myriad manifestations including you and me, is built primarily on a sound-wave, if you can get that sound wave to pass through your system freely, it clears all your energy channels, which in turn rebalances all your systems.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and benefited from this healing sounds tuition.

I wish you an epiphany of self-universality.

Love, B

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