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Method for accessing your true (glorious) nature

Acupressure, softer older sister of acupuncture, involves pressing intelligently on various points lying along the various meridians (chi-channels), thereby sending energy-messages to the autonomic level of mind to change this or that.

To re-establish an active cognitive connection with your te, your true virtuous nature, hook a forefinger directly under the base of the sternum (breastbone) and pull upwards. You’ll feel an instant ache and that’s fine, it means the compound contraction resulting from the weight of all the layers of distortion of personality is releasing as you press in and pull up. But be gentle and sensitive in your firmness and hold the pressure for 30 seconds or so worth of slow breathing.

Repeat this ten times a day for three days and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to meet your true self at some time shortly thereafter.

Once that happens, those layers of distortion start to fall away of themselves and the quality of your moment by moment experience of being you, increases proportionately.

It also helps your digestion and breathing so generally good for overall health too.

And will make you feel a lot more relaxed, so a winner all round.

I wish you all the magnificence of being you.

Love, B

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