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Method For Spotting The Divine Beauty In Another Even When Deeply Obscured

This requires initially an intention to see the inner beauty there, a healthy imagination in order to reframe and a willingness to be humble enough to remember that absolutely everyone here is an expression of the ineffable presence informing all reality and is essentially beautiful, no matter how seemingly distorted or how seemingly deeply that distortion runs.

With all that accessed, the next step is to focus your gaze on the person’s heart, whether in your imagination or face-to-face and to visualize there, behind the breastbone, a wee Buddha-like being with their face on except this is the perfected version, free of distortion, the angelic presence within them, radiating the light of pure beauty, goodness, compassion, wisdom and love.

Keep focusing on that and allow your peripheral vision to expand round the edges of the frame.

You’ll spot a haze of light all around them if you really relax your eyes.

As you do, allow this haze to close in on them and engulf their features, causing a benign morphing of features until you can almost see their actual face change to match the angelic, Buddha-like version behind their breastbone.

Doing so, you’ll see all the pain in their soul causing the distortion and on wishing them well, you’ll trigger a subtle, fleeting healing process, in the discreet throes of which, if you remain alert and perceptive, you’ll also spot a buried positive quality.

Feed that quality back to them and you’ll melt a thousand years of existential ice on their behalf.

Miracles will ensue for both of you.

This is a powerful technique. I wish you amazing benefits from it – and them – and the blessings you receive for doing the healing be more bountiful and beautiful than in your wildest dreams.

Love, B

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