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Method To Amplify Existential Courage And Accelerate Your Adventure This Weekend

At your core is a playful spirit who yearns for full self-expression. This spirit is the very essence of courage and willingness to risk in order to optimize the adventure of being alive. So accessing existential courage is a process of accessing this inner playful spirit.

This begins with an intention, which once activated can be enhanced considerably by freeing up your heart chi in the meridians, specific stimulation of which will raise courage levels palpably within 24 hours.

Hold your right palm up in front as if waiting to receive change from someone.

With your left forefinger, touch the inside of your right elbow and you’ll find a knobbly bit of bone sticking out, forming an apex. Now use your left thumb and slide down from that bone towards your little finger a tad until your thumb lands in the muscle just proximal to that knobbly bit of bone.

Press in and you’ll elicit an ache that travels all the way into your little finger.

Hold for 20 seconds and repeat on the other arm. Do this three times today and by this time tomorrow, your willingness to risk and break free of self-constricting patterns will have increased notably.

I wish you absolute freedom in every respect and for your life to take off to a new level of magnificence as a result now.

Love, B

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