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Mild breezes running through your hair

Rapid transformation of structure and resulting turbulence in the atmosphere, just like the weather when you mess with the thermostat compounds the sense the world as we knew it, which started coming off its moorings somewhere back in the late '90s as this ancient neo-Taoist recalls, is now fast entering a phase so different in composition, appearance and feel, the links to what we knew and assumed as reality are now tenuous at best.

And any unsettled sensation this perception elicits merely reinforces the huge importance of desisting attempting to normalize your state by referencing to your perception and evaluation of external conditions or events.

Because while all about you’re the world is changing, within there are certain immutable principles of self-organization which when adhered to provide an existential suppleness and sturdiness no amount of external stability could elicit.

Everything external is transient. All of it passes, including the external aspects of you yourself.

But there is an eternality of consciousness accessible within which provides the requisite constant to provide the sense of stability we all want, and need if we’re to thrive in all of this.

Visualize a point – a still-point in the very center of infinity if such a thing existed (which it obviously doesn’t as the center of everywhere is everywhere and nowhere, at least nowhere we can discern externally – nonetheless visualize a point so infinitesimally small it almost doesn’t exist in time and space.

Imagine being able to squeeze yourself through the point as if it were a portal into the subatomic realm.

And once you’d auto-constricted sufficiently to manage it and squeezed yourself through you found yourself dancing among the atoms lit up bright, too bright to look at, and all at one with the force driving this whole show, far away from the noise of human competition, far away from all mundane considerations, completely free of all the stress born of playing this insane game we confuse with reality, yet not far away at all, merely distanced by a gossamer sheath, but one strong enough to withstand the force of the world and prevent it impacting on you.

Now transfer that whole scenario from your imagination into your body, at first in the very center of your brain. Observe it as a phenomenon the vision of you as an invisible subatomic entity shining awful bright behind the veil of reality, however that looks to you this moment, but observe it from the back of your brain – an infinitesimally small, impossibly bright continual burst of light occurring in your midbrain.

Now slowly gently firmly plunge it down along the front of your spine until it’s sitting behind the center of your breastbone. Note the residue of light in the midbrain.

Observe the point of light behind your breastbone from the back of your brain.

Now plunge it down further until it’s sitting behind your belly button and a centimetre or two below it, way back inside near the front of your spine.

Observe it from the back-brain.

Be aware of the residue of light behind the breastbone.

You are now watching the creative fiat of the universe occurring not in the realm of imagination but psychophysically in your own belly.

Who’d have ever thought such a thing could happen.

All the while breathe slowly around it, observing from the back-brain as the belly rises on inhalation and falls on exhalation.

And progressively relax all your muscles more and more all around that.

Attend to your frame – lengthen your spine, lower your shoulders, broaden across your chest, raise your breastbone a fraction as if rising up to all that’s beautiful, but don’t arch your back to do so.

Round the back out. And allow the light in your belly to radiate everywhere within you and around you.

Be aware of a softening in the chest occurring to enable your innate love to pour forth freely and ubiquitously.

Be mindful of an intention for this human operating in the front of you to operate more and more smoothly, seamlessly, expertly, effectively and elegantly with less and less stress and strain, less and less self-punishment, and more and more aliveness and exuberance for being alive.

And for this joyful state to permeate throughout manifest existence so that it touches every sentient being at the molecular level, bringing the same degree of cohesive peace as you’re discerning in yourself.

And for the effect of that to be a great stabilizing of the external story and a magnificent infusion of true love to deeply affect all players especially those with the keys to temporal power.

And for the effect of this to be a notable visible undeniable surprise sudden shift of energy and atmosphere for the better to the benefit of everyone.

During the time you’ve been following this you’ve retracted from the noise and have dwelled in the eternal. This state continues all the while whether you’re aware of it or not. It’s where you find yourself when you’re dead. It’s where you are all the time behind all the noise of human life.

But if you choose to be cognizant of it while engaged in that noise, you will be co-creditable with bringing heaven to earth, and your rewards aside from feeling stable and sane while all about you are all over the place, will be a growing current of joy informing your being from the depths of you, and none of the comings and goings of fortune will ever do more than create a mild breezes running through your hair.

That;s my weekend prescription for you and may it serve you full well.

With love, the one and only original and real Barefoot Doctor

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