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Miracle Mindedness

It takes great faith in yourself, to let go of the safety rail (your rational mind) and dive fully into the adventure of your life. It takes great courage to hold your nerve through the inevitable hiccups and wobbles that occur along the way. It takes great imagination to be able to see the silver lining in the clouds passing through the sky of your story. It takes great patience to persist in actualising your vision through those times the details all go askew. It takes great humour to be able to have laughter in your heart about it all as you pass through. It takes great compassion to tolerate the pain you encounter in self and others. And it takes great flexibility to bend this way and that as the path winds hither and thither.

If that resonates and you wish to transform abstraction into something that will inform your reality today and trigger positive change, take a mental note of how you’re feeling in your body right now, then write down and/or repeat aloud or under your breath, the following statements.

I have great faith in myself – I now dive fully into the adventure of my life.

I have great courage – I hold my nerve through all the hiccups and wobbles.

I have great imagination – I see the silver lining in every cloud.

I have great patience – I persist in actualising my vision.

I have great humour – I have laughter in my heart.

I have great compassion – I tolerate all the pain I encounter.

I have great flexibility – I bend this way and that, as the path requires.

So be it.

Now check how you’re feeling in your body again and the chances are you’ll notice a palpable increase of energy flow and enthusiasm for being alive.

Repeat the statements six times each so they penetrate to the core of your consciousness and you’ll notice your day and night subsequently take on a different, more spacious and decidedly sweeter flavour and hue.

Which is precisely what I wish for you.

Expect miracles now.


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