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Rather than multi-tasking, I use miracle-tasking to accomplish implausible amounts each day without much effort, simply by relaxing into each moment, not trying to rush to the next or the one after, honoring each task and each phase of each task as an opportunity to adore the Tao informing it all, rather than as a bridge to take me somewhere else.

As far as I’m concerned when I’m backed into the Tao in each moment I’ve fully arrived – arrived home and there’s nowhere else to go.

From there it’s all down to being excellent in whatever I’m doing, even if what I’m doing is bumbling and stumbling as is occasionally inevitably the case with us all – then I bumble and stumble excellently.

I bring the fullness of my person to bear on each moment rather than allow bits to escape off into past or future.

And I make sure of achieving things miraculously by use of an affirmation I once made up and keep adding words to over the years, which always delivers and which I now share with you – not for the first time, or the last – and it’s always good to be reminded as often as possible.

Based both on my propensity for alliteration whenever feasible and on the premise we each create our own experience of reality according to the way we’re describing reality to ourselves and the way we experience it simultaneously causes it to morph to reflect our experience in real time, repeat the following in handwritten, under-the-breath and out-loud forms a minimum of six times in order for it to penetrate your unconscious mind:

I achieve everything today easily, effortlessly, economically, efficiently, excellently, smoothly, swiftly, seamlessly, successfully, marvellously, magnificently, masterfully and miraculously.

And as you say it, see it too: with each adverb, see the relevant picture.

This will activate the requisite magic to make it happen and happen it surely will.

I wish you the easiest, most enjoyable and most productive day.

Love, D

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