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Miracle way of sorting out ultra-difficult conundrums

It doesn’t matter how clear, directed, organized or internally balanced you are, there will inevitably be times events pile up into a seemingly irresolvable conundrum. It must be this way or you’d never be sufficiently stretched to grow in your wisdom and capacity.

And the tendency normally is to attempt in vain to resolve it via use of the intellect, which as you’ve no doubt discovered, merely exhausts your mind and distracts you from the task at hand.

The Taoist way is to address the Tao of You, the underlying background presence, and with the courage of self-abandonment, offer it the conundrum, explain you don’t know what to do about it and suggest/request it sorts it out on your behalf by miraculously producing the highest possible good for all concerned parties and that it does so smoothly, painlessly and even enjoyably for everyone, by the free will of everyone and that the outcome is one of unexpected amplification of satisfaction, joy and wellbeing all round.

Your intellect will then try and jump in to figure out what that will comprise but the master’s art is to tell it to rest and instead allow the Tao space to pull its shapes with the minimum of restriction.

If undertaken with sincerity, within no more than 72 hours benign transformation of the situation will occur spontaneously and the highest good will manifest for everyone as if by a miracle.

I wish you instantaneous resolution of all conundrums from now on.

Love, D

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