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Miraculous Way To Resolve A Difficult Situation

Of all the laws of metaphysics, perhaps the most basic and important is that the external world is a reflection of your interior realm. Hence, because there are inevitably aspects of your own psyche working against you at an unconscious level, from time to time, people will manifest in your life to give you aggravation.

From the metaphysical viewpoint, they do this in order to show you what you’ve been doing to yourself without realizing.

Realizing it, you can stop doing it if you choose and so progress in your self-healing process in the greater sense of the word (healing means literally making whole).

And the key to dispelling any potential harm arising from the other person’s or persons’ actions towards you and to resolving the situation, according to the Taoist way of wu wei (effortless manifesting), is to speak to the 'background presence', the Tao of the situation, with a sincere heart and tell it you wish for the situation to resolve itself now. Then thank it for manifesting in the shape of the person or persons currently perceived to be giving you grief and, (in your heart), thank that person or persons for playing their role so well, thereby showing you what you’ve been doing to yourself all the while without realising.

Then tell yourself, ‘I agree to stop generating this internal self-aggravation as of now.’ Finally shake hands with yourself and use this comforting gesture of closing your energy circuit as confirmation that your subconscious mind is already flushing out the self-harming pattern in question.

The discipline is then to repeat this every time you think about, hear from or in any way interact with whoever it is that’s been causing you grief and to eschew taking their actions personally, to keep seeing them with gratitude as a manifestation of the Tao come to show you what you’ve been doing to yourself and so heal it, rather than seeing them as your nemesis.

There are two further elements involved in producing the magical effect of having a difficult situation resolve itself spontaneously. One is learning to spot exactly where in your body you’re feeling the stress arising from the difficult situation.

Once you’ve spotted it, the next step is to use your mind to focus into the very core of that stress and once in there to request the soft tissue of your body to release that stress, allowing your exhalations to carry the sensation out of your body and away into the ether to be neutralized.

The other element is a magic technique whereby, having acknowledged and thanked whoever it is who’s come along to show you how you’ve been unconsciously undermining yourself, you are then free, providing you exercise the utmost grace about it, to cause them and/or any malevolent energy associated with them, to vanish from your life.

And the way it’s done is as follows:

You picture them very, very small – miniature sized in fact – standing in front of you. Then, filling your lungs to capacity, you close your mouth and round your lips into a small circle, with just the tiniest hole in the middle and exhale purposefully, directing a stream of air at them. As the air touches them, they diminish in size even more. With each successive exhalation, see them grow progressively smaller, until they’re so small, you can hardly see them. Now with one final breath, blow them completely out of your orbit, back into theirs, with a wish for them to be relieved of all negative energy and suffering in the process.

For best results, repeat this procedure, along with the above, no less than three times during the next twelve hour span.

Like that, within but the shortest while, the situation will indeed resolve itself in the most unexpected and miraculous way.

Wish: everything in your life now resolves in the most miraculous way, starting immediately, leaving you smiling with astonishment and the deepest existential glee from all the way down in your pelvis to the tops of your ears and beyond.

Love, B

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