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Misguided expectations of a neat and tidy life

We always seem to want to tidy things up and have them all neat and perfect as if a perfect life was our birthright and mess and imperfection were somehow an aberration. But in fact the ultimate perfection of this universe consists in its very mess and imperfection.

Assuming it’s meant to be all neat and tidy and stressing over trying in vain to force it to be so is one of the biggest wastes of energy there is. (This isn't to suggest slovenliness is the way incidentally - to the contrary).

Existential maturity comprises acceptance and even celebration of the mess and imperfection, based on an understanding and acceptance of the immutable law of yin and yang, which has it that every tidy bit has its underlying messiness and vice versa.

It takes a while to get used to letting go of the insanely idealistic drive for a perfect life and instead surrendering graciously to the underlying flow of reality with all its muck and mire as well as its splendour and glory, while applying yourself with utmost excellence to the task at hand no matter what.

It’s all an expression of absolute love – the Tao can be found as easily in a dung heap as in a rainbow. The external effects, this vast hall of mirrors the Taoists call the world of the ten thousand things, are merely the Tao’s mantle.

Practice seeing the Tao behind all phenomena and that’s where you’ll find the perfection you seek, the urge for which derives unconsciously from a yearning to come home to nestle in the bosom of the Tao.

Tell yourself a few times with feeling in order to shift your perspective and level of consciousness: 'I now find the perfection I seek in the bosom of the Tao and am willing to relinquish altogether my pointless search for perfection in the externals – I’m just delighted to watch the Tao pull its shapes no matter the mess it seems to make at times'.

Hope that resonated somewhat – may it be so and you find yourself resting in perfect bliss in the Tao's bosom all the while, even and especially as you go about your business today and tonight.

Love, B

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